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Alu dibond shop signage aluminium composite board

With a density of 3500 gsm and a thickness of 3 mm, alu-dibond is very robust and dimensionally stable. The plates are available in matt black, white and brushed metallic gold, copper and silver. The three metallic plates are silver on the back, the black plate is glossy black and all four can only be printed on the front. Only the white Aludibond plate offers the print on both sides. I offer the shock-proof aluminium composite board with a polyethylene core. The weather-resistant material can be pierced and milled.

printed hard foam or light foam foamex

Lightweight foam
With a density of 635 gsm and a thickness of 5 mm, the lightweight foam is, as the name suggests, the lightest material used for sign prints. The dimensionally stable sandwich board is very easy to cut and has a PUR foam core.

Hard foam
The lightweight, flexible PVC foam sheet comes in thicknesses of 3 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm and therefore has a density between 1,400 to 5,000 gsm. The waterproof material has limited UV-resistance but is very easy to handle. Hard-foam signs can be cut, milled or pierced.

printed correx board or bubble board

Twin-wall sheeting (Bubble Board):
A tear-proof polypropylene board 2.5 mm thick and with a density of 450 gsm. The material is 100% recyclable.

printed clear perspex acrylic

XT clear perspex
This material is even thicker than alu-dibond and somewhat more expensive. With a density of 6000 gsm and a thickness of 5 mm, the impact-resistant, weatherproof clear acrylic glass not only features a solid surface but is also highly attractive. The UV print goes behind the perspex. Special priming allows the perspex to be used outdoors. This involves applying a special varnish, the so-called primer, on the glass before the actual print, enabling the printing ink to stick better.

Wall Mounting Spacers

signage mounting spacers

Ceiling Hanging Wire Kits

signage ceiling mounting cables

French Cleats for Wall Hanging

signage mounting french cleats

Suction Cups for Windows

signage suction cups for window usage

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