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Card formats

In 85 x 55 or 90 x 50 mm format, choose from two different coated art papers with thicknesses of 250 gsm and 350 gsm, other options include the 350 gsm thick premium cardboard, or alternatively the 300 gsm Chromo board (back uncoated) if you want to print firmer cards.

On the other hand, the 350 gsm offset or 400 gsm offset paper is very inexpensive. If you consciously want to use environmentally friendly paper for your business cards, use 300 gsm Recycled White, which has been certified under.

Business Cards

  • Format: 85 mm x 55 mm
  • Quantities: 250 to 500,000
  • Paper: 350 gsm Coated, 400 gsm premium matt, 575 gram Pulp board, 350/400 gsm Offset, 300 gsm Chromo board
  • Pages: Single or Double
  • Orientation: Portrait, Landscape
  • Extras: UV Varnish, Lamination (gloss, matt, soft touch)

Loyalty / Appointment Cards

  • Format: 85 mm x 55 mm
  • Quantities: 250 to 500,000
  • Paper: 300 gsm Chromo board
  • Pages: Double only
  • Orientation: Portrait, Landscape
  • Extras: UV Varnish, Lamination (gloss, matt, soft touch)

575 gram pulp board business cards

575 gram Pulp Board - Biodegradable and environmentally friendly - made from shredded wood 

Why not try something unusual with high quality printed groundwood pulp board in a thickness of 1.4 millimetres at a grammage of 575 gsm?  This is cardboard made of shredded wood with a slight cream colouring. This colouring results from the lignin content of the cardboard. The material ensures that your business cards are stable and the slightly structured surface of the cardboard is very suitable for printing.


Customer loyalty through loyalty cards

Customer loyalty is important for ensuring long term sales, and a loyalty card is an easy to way to promote this. For example, hairdressers offer the 10th cut free, or you can clean your car for free after the ninth wash. A bonus system is recommended for all kinds of businesses, florists, bakeries or even dentists.  At MF Trade Print, you have many different options to choose for printing your loyalty cards in a high quality, attractive manner. The business cards I offer can also be created as voucher cards an easy way to offer your customers an extra product, allowing the buyer to choose from your entire range without having to rush into a decision. Voucher cards are suitable for brick and mortar stores and online shops.

Never forget another appointment  - Appointment cards

Just left your doctor’s surgery and already forgotten your next check-up date? Or do you know when your car is scheduled for a tyre change? How good would it be if the service provider gave you an appointment card? If you yourself run a practice or offer a service at specific times, you can easily have appointment cards printed here at MF Trade Print, in large quantities and at low online prices!

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