One Day Invoices

Live Pricing & New Invoicing Information

I have changed the way I work to bring you more up to date lower prices on most items, the new pricing system will mean that now there will be two price options, the usual 7 day invoicing as before prices will be calculated based on your ability to pay your invocie within 7 days. The new option is what I have called a One Day Invoicing. Please Note this is not available on all items.

If 1 Day invoicing prices are quoted they will only be valid for 1 day (the day the price is quoted).  This does not mean my prices will change every day, this means that I can bring my prices rite down for this option as I a will be able to give an up to the minute price and still give myself a one day safety buffer for protection for when cost prices do increase.

If you choose this option it will mean that your Invoice will now only valid for the day they it is  issued, so failure to pay on that day means your invoice will be cancelled & you will be re-invoiced at the 7 day invoicing prices. until your current order has been completed.

One Day invoicing is only to some products and amounts.

Please note this discount is currently only on a selected number of products that will change form time to time.

I have set this up as a more efficient and cost effective way to buy your print for those who are ready to pay for their print when they come for an order.

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