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Format: DL (110x220mm) C6 (114x229mm) C5 (162x229mm) with or without window

Material: 90gram offset zip & seal or self-adhesive

Quantities: 100 - 500,000

Orientation: Landscape


If you want envelopes at MF Trade Print, you always have the choice between different formats and closure types. When printing, all formats can be printed up to the edge. The envelopes are printed in offset quality. If you opt for envelopes with windows, you must note that the window has rounded corners with a radius of approx. 3 millimetres.

I can print envelopes for you in the classic shipping formats DL (110 x 220 millimetres), DIN C4 (229 x 324 millimetres), DIN C6/5 (114 x 229 millimetres) or DIN C5 (162 x 229 millimetres). You can order the them with or without window, on either the left or right side. I also offer square envelopes in DIN square format (155 x 155 mm).

I also print cardboard envelopes in the formats DIN B5 (117 x 245 millimetres) and DIN B4 (248 x 346 millimetres) without window.

Envelope Sizes:

110 x 220 mm DIN-long: with window on the left or without window

114 x 229 mm DIN C6/5: with window on the left/right or without window

155 x 155 mm DIN square without window

162 x 229 mm DIN C5: with window on the left or without window

229 x 324 mm DIN C4: with window on the left or without window

Cardboard envelopes:

117 x 245 mm DIN B5: without window

248 x 346 mm DIN B4: without window


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