Flyers Leaflets



Format: DL, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4. specific sizes available

Pages: Single or Double. Orientation: Portrait, Landscape.

Square Flyers: 105x105mm, 148x148mm, 210x210mm.

Quantities: 250 to 500,000.

Paper Available: Coated (matt or gloss) 115gsm, 135gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm, 350gsm and 400 gsm premium board (matt only) Offset (plain no coating) 80gsm, 90 gsm, 100gsm 350 gsm & 400 gsm



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Coated Art Paper Explained

  • Grammage: 90 gsm | 115 gsm | 135 gsm | 170 gsm | 250 gsm | 350 gsm
  • Surface: matt or glossy, coated

The best printing results with so-called coated art paper, so called because the surface is refined with a “coating” – a bonding agent. This involves applying a specific colour coating whose main components are chalk, kaolin, casein or polymer dispersion. All papers are generally first matt after coating. To achieve a glossy effect, it then needs to be put through two high-pressure rollers called a calender. This gives the paper a very smooth, solid surface which not only feels nice, but also enables better print quality and greater detail. The colours are absorbed less, and look bold and intense.

Offset Paper Explained

  • Grammage: 80 gsm | 90 gsm | 100 gsm | 120 gsm | 350 gsm | 400 gsm
  • Surface: matt, uncoated, writeable (up to 120 gsm useable with home-printers)

Paper for offset printing. The uncoated offset paper is characterised by its intense  whiteness. This printing paper is made from up to 100% cellulose and is writable. Additionally the offset paper with a grammage of up to 100 gsm can be used for printing in your home printer.

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