Folded Menus-Flyers-Leaflets

Folded flyers are used for a variety of things from cards to menus, if they are on paper up to 350 gram and have no extra refinement options they are classed as VAT free printing, another way to save money on your print with MF Trade Print

Format: DL, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4. specific sizes available

Pages: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 pages

Quantities: 250 to 500,000.

Paper: 90gsm budget, 115gsm, 135 gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm & 350gsm

Orientation: Portrait/Landscape


Half fold flyer

The simplest of the folding types with just one fold is the half fold. It's also called single fold as it folds the page in half. This folding type results into a 4-sided flyer that is particularly suitable for product flyers, mini-brochures, vouchers or greeting cards.

Trifold flyer

The panels of the trifold flyer all fold in on each other, "wrapping" around one page. The simplest form of the trifold has two folds and results in a flyer with 6 pages. Depending on the format it can be used for menus or event information pamphlets. Incase 6 pages are not enough you also have the possibility at MF Trade Print to print a roll fold-flyer with 3 folds and 8 pages.

French fold flyer

This is a combination of two half folds – The page is first folded in half horizontally and then again vertically. The simplest of the french folds, with two folds, results into 8 pages. It's therefore a fitting choice for posters and maps.

Parallel fold flyers

The folded edges of this folding type run parallel to each other. Some of the parallel folds are the double gate fold, double parallel fold, the concertina fold and the trifold.

Double gate fold flyer

To create an 8-sided roll fold flyer both outer sides will be folded towards the middle, so that the outer edges touch in the middle of the flyer (6 sided gate or window fold). Afterwards the flyer is folded in the middle (where the outside edges touch).The double gate fold offers enough space for detailed information for events or new products, especially in the A4 format.

Double parallel fold flyer

The Double parallel fold is simply an extension of the single fold. The page is folded in half twice in the same direction. This results in 3 folds and 8 pages. MF Trade Print is also able to print a triple parallel fold flyer with 16 pages. With a format of 105 x 210 mm it offers enough space for an extensive program of events.

Concertina fold flyer

The concertina or zig-zag fold with at least two folds results into a 6-page flyer. Each page is folded in the opposite direction to its neighbour, giving a pleated or concertina effect. Present your new product information with a high-quality zig-zag-flyer in the A6 format and impress your customers with special refinements. At MF Trade Print  you can also print your concertina fold flyers with 8 pages (3 folds), 10 pages (4 folds) or 12 pages (5 folds).


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