Letter Heads-Compliment Slips

printed letterheads and compliment slips share

  • Format: A5 (148 x 210 mm), A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Pages: Single, double
  • Material: Offset paper (printer-suitable) 80, 90, 100, 120, 170 gsm
  • Quantities: 250 - 500,000
  • Orientation: Portrait


Single or double sided printing

You can of course have your letterheads printed single sided or double sided. Footers can be added to the back, eg. if you want to save paper and print on both sides of your letter.

Different types of paper to choose from

For standard printed letterheads, you can choose from four offset papers in thicknesses of 80 gsm, 90 gsm, 100 gsm and 120 gsm. Or recycled paper that has a thickness of 80 gsm, and is certified under the Blue Angel. All types of printed paper available are suitable for use in conventional printers. If you want your note paper to have an exclusive look, I recommend printing on premium paper, giving you the following options:

100 gsm Premium Chamois: This paper has a great feel thanks to its velvety surface.

120 gsm Premium Ribbed: Ribbed paper represents exquisite style.

115 gsm Premium Bright White: Like chamois, bright white paper impresses with its smooth yet soft surface.

130 gsm Premium Linen: Linen paper is a classic when it comes to high-quality letterheads.

Compliment Slips

There are many different standard responses in letter based communication. A magazine subscription, for example, can be confirmed using a printed compliment slip. The same is true for competition entries. If you’re planning a print marketing campaign, you can design attractive compliment slips, and, optionally, have me create matching envelopes or other promotional material!

One third of A4  – the classic compliment slip format

It has been established that compliment slips are generally a third of the length of an A4 sheet, i.e. 100 x 210mm format. This means they can also fit perfectly in a standard D L envelope, and be used for many other purposes, such as flyers. your compliment slips can be printed in both landscape and portrait format.

Get more out of your compliment slips – 15 types of paper at MF Trade Print

MF Trade Print offers you 15 types of paper with varying grammages for your compliment slips. From the particularly inexpensive variant for flyers or promotional mailings to the exclusive papers for banquet or wedding invitations, we boast the full range of a modern print shop. Choose from the following standard paper types:

80 gsm Offset, 90 gsm Offset, 100 gsm Offset, 350 gsm Offset, 400 gsm Offset, 80 gsm Recycled white, 300 gsm Recycled white

The wood-free offset paper is distinguished by very high whiteness and an even surface. It can be easily used in all conventional ink-jet and laser printers. The bright-white premium recycled paper is FSC-certified, and bears the “Blue Angel” environmental seal.

I also sell premium papers:

100 gsm Premium Chamois, 300 gsm Premium Chamois, 120 gsm Premium Ribbed, 350 gsm Premium Ribbed, 115 gsm Premium Bright white, 340 gsm Premium Bright white, 130 gsm Premium Linen, 350 gsm Premium Linen

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