Posters Outdoor Waterproof

outdoor posters affiche paper share


Format: A3, A2, A1. A0, B1, B2

Pages: Single. Quantities: 1 to 50,000.

Paper: 115gram affiche paper

Orientation: Portrait, Landscape.


Being waterproof these posters are perfect for outdoor use, especially for billboarding as they are printed full colour on a paper called affiche paper, which is durable as well as waterproof. They are also the perfect solution to outdoor printed A boards, I am sure you have seen A boards outside steaming up or water damaged from the rain as they have been printed on plain coated paper as some think this is a low cost print option.

Well these are made for the job of outside advertising and are a extremely low cost print product which will last for years, as well as water proof the inks used in the full colour print are hiqh quality uv resistant ink.

As with all printed products I offer they are high quality product for low trade print prices

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