printed stickers and labels share


Format: A9 - A4, 40mm & 80 mm round, 145x95 oval

Quantities: 100 - 50,000

Material: Adhesive paper white (indoor), Adhesive foil white (outdoor)


Top print quality thanks to high-quality inks

For an optimum print result, only the best printing inks are used to print your colourful stickers using the 4/0 CMYK four-colour process.

The material – indoors or outdoors? 

If you also want to use your stickers outdoors, I recommend white adhesive film. This is a glossy polypropylene film (PP film) with a thickness of 59 µm. PP stickers are very robust once printed not only are they water resistant and weather proof print, but they are also non tearing. And they reflect the motif perfectly, as the film is light fast. Important: When choosing this PP film, please note that it has not been tested in car washes or in combination with detergents! In addition, you should refrain from using these stickers in temperatures of below -20° C and on deep-frozen products.

For internal use, I offer full colour printing on MC white adhesive paper, which has a thickness of 95 gsm without lining paper, and 175 gsm with lining paper. These stickers are suitable for use on folders or as address labels.


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