PVC / Mesh Banners

printed pvc and mesh banners share

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  • Format: Sizes from 50 cm x 100 cm up to 300 x 1000 cm (3 meter x 10 meter)
  • Preset sizes: 4000 x 10000 mm, 6000 x 10000 mm, 8000 x 10000 mm, 10000 x 10000 mm, 12000 x 12000 mm, 14000 x 14000 mm, 16000 x 16000 mm, 18000 x 18000 mm, 20000 x 20000 mm
  • Material: 500, 800 gsm PVC, 300 gsm Breathable PVC mesh
  • Pages: Single, Double (only for the 800 gram)
  • Quantities: 1 - 100
  • Orientation: Portrait, Landscape.
  • Extras: hemmed and eyelets every 50 cm, hemmed and eyelets in four corners

Construction sites secured with high hoarding generate enormous potential for large scale advertising. The chances of your advertising or information being seen by lots of passersby and potential customers particularly increase if the footpaths around the site are heavily frequented. MF Trade Print provides you with up to 30 sq m of printing space per banner. And thanks to waterproof PVC material, you can even hang your non transparent promotional banners out when it’s raining. Building owners themselves can also use banners for hoarding advertisements, e.g. by providing detailed information on the current construction project and other projects.

B1 Certification

You’ll be on the safe side when it comes to fire protection on your banners. The light mesh, as well as the thicker PVC-tarpaulin and the blockout banner are DIN 4102-1-certified in construction material category B1. Our banners are therefore not only flame-resistant, but also suitable for use on and in public buildings

PVC Banners




PVC tarpaulin (500 gram) 

This material has proven itself many times in practice and is particularly strong with a density of 500 gsm. The surface is not only weatherproof, but also tensile, tear and scratch resistant, making it ideal for use on construction sites.

Blockout tarpaulin (800 Gram)

With a density of 800 gsm, block out materials are extremely robust. At the same time, these tarpaulins offer the advantage that both the front and back sides can be used for printing. A black barrier layer is inserted between two PVC layers, making the material opaque and light proof. At the same time, the fabric is UV stable and does not become brittle when exposed to strong sunlight.

PVC Mesh Banners




Mesh tarpaulin: 

If you choose the 300 gsm mesh fabric, your tarpaulins will be lighter and "softer". Nevertheless, you do not have to do without stability and resistance. Due to the very small holes in the fabric, these products generate a lower wind load. Mesh tarpaulins are therefore particularly recommended for very large advertising tarpaulins.

PVC Banner tension loops

Tension Loops

MF Trade Print tarpaulins/banners are cut to the desired size and ordered with eyelets, optionally with reinforced edges or with a 6 cm hemstitch (top/bottom or left/right). Tarpaulins with eyelets can be fixed with cable ties or tension loops. Tarpaulins with a hemstitch are either fastened directly to the scaffold pole. If only the edge of the banner has been reinforced, clamping eyes are used for fastening. These can be clamped variably to the tarpaulins and then fastened to the railing, for example, using tension loops, which are also available

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