How To Order

How to  order

  • You need to send me an email to my main email address with the information, images, colours you want used links to social media, website etc, it is important that any images you send are of high quality and at least 300dpi (low quality images will result in poor quality printing). If you have allot of images that are too large to add to an email, let me know and I can provide you with a link to upload to). I will then put you a proof together send it back to you and then we can go from there until you are happy with your design.
  • Once you have finalised your design & sent me invoice/delivery details (name, address, postcode & contact number) I will then reply with your invoice and payment details. Once invoice is paid your order will be processed and order confirmation will be sent to you.

How long does it take

  • Design work depends on how much work is required, but most design work you will have first proof usually within a day. Once paid your are looking at an estimated delivery time of 5-6 full working days to your door for the most common items and amounts, obviously the more work/amounts/different products required can increase the time to your door, I can provide information on this once I know what you require.

Why is the design work so cheap?
There are two reasons for this

  • to get your artwork at the lowest price it is up to you to provide the written information you want on the flyer as you want it worded, this leaves me free to concentrate on the design work. Also to supply your logo or any images you would like used.
  • Once the design is together and sent back to you it is up to you to proof read it and reply with any amendments. These two points enable the whole process to be sped up leaving me to concentrate on the bit I enjoy which is the design work, also enabling me to give you such low prices on your print work/design work.

How to pay

  • Payment details will be sent out with your invoice, payment is made by online transfer (you can use bacs if you have it) or you can pay via calling into your own bank with my payment details and they can transfer it for you. You can also call into a local branch of TSB and pay direct. I don’t use Paypal or other payment services that cost money as I like to keep my costs down giving you better prices. All invoices & Quotes are valid only for the day of issue.


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