VAT Free Printing

VAT Free printing

  • Here at MF Trade Print I do VAT Free on most paper products, like flyers / leaflets, brochures, folded flyers, etc.
  • Basically anything that is between A9 and up to A4 can be printed VAT free as long as it is the basic print, as soon as you add say UV Varnish  to your print or lamination it then becomes vat added print product.

GOV.UK information about VAT free Printing

  • There are further details on VAT Free printing on the GOV.UK website you can view them by using the below link.

VAT FREE Information .gov .uk

Why my Printing is Trade Price

  • I sell  True Trade Price Printing, Unlike alot of other print businesses I sell products at a reduced price when you buy more, most printers will charge you per item when it comes to things like PVC Banners, Signs, Advertising equipment and many more items.
  • It doesn't matter what you order from me I will never charge you per item for a print product, the more you buy of a product the cheaper it becomes per unit.
  • Example: 1 printed pvc banner 1000 x 500 mm might be say £16.25 each, but if you where to buy 5 printed pvc banners of the same deign it would cost you £42.15 - meaning the pvc banners would only be £8.43 each.
  • So don't pay ridiculous individual print prices, when you could be paying true Trade Print prices her at MF Trade Print.

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