PVC Banner Bargain OFFERS Updated

100 x 200 cm pvc banners on offer

100 x 200 cm - only £25.70 (1 Meter x 2 Meter) NEW
50 x 100 cm - £9.82 (Half meter x 1 Meter)
50 x 200 cm - £14.71 (Half Meter x 2 Meter)
Hemmed all round eyed top and bottom, Full colour
500 gram PVC, waterproof, UV resistant & B1 certified
Full Colour, Delivery & VAT included
Basic Artwork text only £5, image & text £10

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  • FLYER SIZE CHARTSimple-Flyer-Size-Chart.-804x1024

    On the Left is a simple guide to flyer / Leaflet sizes I have put together, as for some bizarre reason the higher the number the smaller the size when it comes to paper size.  It is something a lot of people struggle with so I hope the below diagram helps. I have done it using a standard A4 sheet of printer paper from a home printer. (if you click the image to view it larger)



    My Promise

    1. I will never charge you more than I need to, I make my profit on artwork & amendments plus a small administration fee per order, unless it’s on a 1 day invoice then it is cost price.
    2. If I get the print at an offer price then you will get the print at an offer price.
    3. I am not looking to make huge profits per order, I never round my prices up & I will always give you the best price I can at the time of Quotation.
    4. I never talk crap, I say it as it is in all aspects of what I do. If I think something will benefit your artwork I will tell you. If I see a better deal for just a couple of quid more I will tell you. I don’t believe in hiking my prices up or having hidden extras. Come back for changes to a previous piece of artwork you will only be charged a couple of quid for alterations.

    I will always give 100% to each & every Job - I will never rip a customer off – I will always you as it is.

    Thanks Adam