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Self adhesive films are more than just stickers. With the high quality film from M F Trade Print you can transform walls, furniture or other objects with flat surfaces in no time. The self adhesive printed film is also just as suitable for window graphics as it is for outdoor advertising. When configuring your print job, please note whether the film needs to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All of the three indoor self adhesive films available meet the strict fire safety standard DIN 4102-1 when bonded to plasterboard, glass or steel and thus belong to building material class B1. This means that the indoor self adhesive films are all suitable for public buildings.

monomeric film

Monomeric films (Temporary) - Perfectly fitting for trade fairs or sales areas

With this 0.1 millimetre thick adhesive film, you can create advertising material that can be used short term. This material is ideal for use at trade fairs or for special surfaces in shops and shop windows. The robust, white film is free of cadmium, self adhesive on one side and can be used on almost all smooth and even curved surfaces. With the monomeric films you have the choice between different film types:

PVC film monomer white: is a soft PVC film with removable, grey coloured polyacrylate adhesive, suitable for short term outdoor advertising.

PVC film monomer white with air channels: Calendered PVC film with removable grey coloured adhesive and air channel structure. The air can escape through micro channels during application. It is specially developed for short term bonding at trade fairs or events. Due to the matt surface and the air channel structure in the adhesive, it is ideal for quick and easy bonding during promotional campaigns.

Easy Dot Film monomeric: The monomeric white PVC film has "dot" applied, permanently elastic, permanently adherent acrylic adhesives. This makes the material easier to process and more repositionable. It has a light surface structure due to the dot shaped adhesive application and is designed for short-term indoor applications such as trade fairs, or for sale advertising!

Thanks to solvent free acrylic adhesive, this film can be repositioned with ease. In addition, the adhesive is age resistant, so that the film also sticks for longer periods of time. The white adhesive film can also be removed from most surfaces without leaving any residue. For example, if residues of the adhesive stick to PVC, these can be removed quickly and easily with methylated spirits. In order for the product to adhere well to the surface, it should not be dirty. We recommend to use dry bonding only.

polymer film

Polymer films (Long-term) - Perfect advertising solutions for indoor and outdoor

The adhesive foils in a thickness of 70 to 80 μm (0.07 - 0.08 millimetres) can be used for permanent advertising campaigns. The low thickness ensures that the film lies on a surface almost like a "second skin". These thin adhesive foils can be applied to smooth surfaces as well as slight curvatures. The adhesive used is a polyacrylate adhesive, which is applied in dots. It is age-resistant, permanently adhesive, permanently elastic and ensures perfect adhesion. You can choose from the following film types:

PVC film polymer white: Calendered polymer PVC film in 0.08 millimeters with permanent, pure, grey-coloured polyacrylate adhesive for long-term indoor and outdoor advertising.

PVC film polymer white with air ducts: Calendered polymer PVC film in 0.08 millimeter with permanent, pure, grey coloured polyacrylate adhesive and with micro air channels. Suitable for long-term indoor and outdoor advertising. The air channel structure enables simple and quick bubble-free bonding, especially of large-format designs. Air inclusions can be easily removed under the film. Suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces.

PVC film polymer transparent: Polymer PVC film in 0.07 millimeters with transparent solvent polyacrylate, repositionable, with permanent final adhesion. Suitable for long term outdoor advertising.

window decals

Window films for shop window decoration

These special adhesive films are silver-translucent or white, have a matt surface and are made of PVC. They have a thickness of 80 or 145 µm. These adhesive films are ideal for shop window decoration or sticking on glass fronts. For the window films you have the choice between:

Glass decoration film polymer: - Calendered 0.08 mm translucent soft PVC film in light silver colour to imitate etched or sandblasted glass. The adhesive, which is designed with a micro air channel, enables fast, dry and bubble-free bonding of large-area applications and does not affect the appearance.

Perforated film: Perforated self-adhesive monomeric PVC film in 0.195 mm (0.145 mm +0.05 mm laminate) with white print side and black back for optimum contrast regardless of the surface colour. The film can be printed on an area of approx. 60%.

reusable film

Adhesive films, reusable - Ideal interior decoration for all flat surfaces

These special indoor adhesive films are white or transparent, have a matt surface and are made of polyester. They have a thickness of 175 µm. The special feature of these films is their "micro suction cup technology". This allows the adhesive films to be repositioned even more flexibly and can be removed without leaving any residue. This makes these adhesive films suitable for use as glass decoration films - ideal for shop window decoration or for sticking on glass fronts indoors where the motif changes frequently. You can choose between different types of adhesive film:

Adhesive film white: made of calendered, flexible, statically adhesive vinyl film, which can be removed and reused without leaving any residue. Designed for temporary application on glass, but can also be used on other smooth, clean surfaces such as metal and plastics.

Adhesive film transparent (back glass film): made of calendered, flexible, statically adhesive vinyl film which can be removed and reused without leaving any residue. Designed for temporary application on glass, but can also be used on other smooth, clean surfaces such as metal and plastics.

When applying the product, you should wear gloves to avoid fingerprints. It is also recommended to clean the surface on which the adhesive foils are to be placed from grease, dirt or dust particles. In order to avoid bubbles during application, you should carry out wet bonding. This involves moistening the substrate with water. Then the moisture is removed by smoothing the film. This process is also known as "scraping" in technical jargon.

Note: You would like to attach your films from the inside behind glass so that your designs and text are visible and readable from the outside? Then don't forget to "mirror" your data when creating them. From the outside the lettering is then readable from the correct side! Ideal for designing car interior windows or as a shop window sign!

wall film

Decorative films / Wall films for individual interior design

With decorative and wall films form MF Trade Print there are no limits to your creativity. In addition to classic wallpaper films and floor stickers, I now also offer you creative whiteboard films and even washable blackboard films!

PVC free film white: 0.1 mm matt white polyester fabric with a removable acrylic adhesive.

Carpet foil: 0.33 mm textile floor foil, specially developed for gluing on carpets, but can also be glued to walls and almost all surfaces indoors and outdoors. For temporary applications or usage, depending on where the product is used.

Wallpaper film Smooth (removable): High-quality, matt, calendered vinyl film in 0.15 mm with a smooth surface. The combination of vinyl and adhesive allows this product to be easily removed from normal wall surfaces.

Wallpaper film with structure (Permanent): Matt white, calendered vinyl film in 0.15 mm with an embossed canvas pattern. The combination of vinyl and adhesive allows easy removal of this product from normal wall surfaces.

Facade Film (Removable) White: 0.09 mm matt opaque polymeric vinyl film designed for surface applications such as brick and concrete walls where an adaptable and removable solution is required. The film is removable up to 6 months after application - guaranteed not to leave any adhesive residue!

Whiteboard film transparent: 0.05 mm self-adhesive, scratch-resistant, transparent film that can be written on as often as desired with whiteboard markers without leaving shadows or ghost writing. Writable with all standard whiteboard markers.

Black board film: Matt black board vinyl in 0.125 mm with a clear "high tack" adhesive. The film was specially developed for large surfaces, for menu boards or murals.

Floor sticker white: 0.15 mm monomeric PVC film with a structured surface. Developed for sticking on tiles and PVC floors, as well as wood or concrete surfaces.

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