250 Posters in various sizes

250 posters various sizes including waterproof posters

250 Posters in various sizes
Prices are on 135 gram coated art paper and also 115 gram waterproof outdoor paper, other amounts and sizes available from A3 up to A0 also custom sizes by the mm.
A3 Posters 135 gram gloss or matt £44.10
A3 Posters 115 gram (waterproof) £47.85
A2 Posters 135 gram gloss or matt £67.15
A2 Posters 115 gram (waterproof) £74.07
A1 Posters 135 gram gloss or matt £136.64
A1 Posters 115 gram (waterproof) £143.30
Full Colour, Mainland UK Delivery & Vat included

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  • FLYER SIZE CHARTSimple-Flyer-Size-Chart.-804x1024

    On the Left is a simple guide to flyer / Leaflet sizes I have put together, as for some bizarre reason the higher the number the smaller the size when it comes to paper size.  It is something a lot of people struggle with so I hope the below diagram helps. I have done it using a standard A4 sheet of printer paper from a home printer. (if you click the image to view it larger)



    My Promise

    1. I will never charge you more than I need to, I make my profit on artwork & amendments plus a small administration fee per order, unless it’s on a 1 day invoice then it is cost price.
    2. If I get the print at an offer price then you will get the print at an offer price.
    3. I am not looking to make huge profits per order, I never round my prices up & I will always give you the best price I can at the time of Quotation.
    4. I never talk crap, I say it as it is in all aspects of what I do. If I think something will benefit your artwork I will tell you. If I see a better deal for just a couple of quid more I will tell you. I don’t believe in hiking my prices up or having hidden extras. Come back for changes to a previous piece of artwork you will only be charged a couple of quid for alterations.

    I will always give 100% to each & every Job - I will never rip a customer off – I will always you as it is.

    Thanks Adam